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Thread: Plenty pictures of Porsches prowling the prairie at High Plains Raceway

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    Plenty pictures of Porsches prowling the prairie at High Plains Raceway

    I guess I have Phil_SS to blame thanks for the idea in the craigslist thread. I've been meaning to check out this racetrack for, well, a very long time now. It's an hour's drive from my house out in the middle of nowhere east of Denver. My son and I enjoyed seeing what goes on there.

    This was yesterday at High Plains Raceway, where I think at least one and probably more of you have driven.

    My first video ever posted online, on a YouTube account that's only minutes old:

    That's the track on the left. There aren't too many neighbors to complain about the noise.

    Fill 'er up with high test!

    The Pace Car livery was a little bland, I thought.

    Fortunately, I was able to find a parking place.

    The sign said spectator parking, so I figured I'd better follow the rules.

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    That looks cool. Seems like the track does have some elevation change. Beautiful location.

    So, how much does your son want a Porsche now?

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    That definitely looks like a super cool camping trip! I will need to buy a Cayenne to pull my RV trailer to the track and will have to dress up wife as a pit babe and she can drive my GT4 to the track...

    Dream on!

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    SCCA TTNT only went to High Plains one year. I made plans with my family in Colorado to tow out and race there the next year, but they never went back.

    Glad you got to go!

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