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Thread: The Dashcam Thread

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    I don't remember the brand of tint, but my GTI was the first car I got ceramic (or any aftermarket tint) done to. It made me think that I should've gotten my Mazdaspeed3 ceramic tinted.

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    We've gone through/worn out so many dashcams that i can't keep track/remember most of them. Dashcams have come in handy too. Have given our footage to Police a number of times, some when criminals came zooming past, some where we were hit by another vehicle, some where people ran red lights etc. And my Dad's dashcam got footage of the guy who t-boned him a few years back and it was used in court.

    Usually we replace them if the mounts break/are no longer sticky, or if other parts break, or if they stop working properly.

    Most of them have been cheap ones, but in recent years we've been shelling out triple figures for decent ones because we want better quality and more reliability and features.

    Got a Blackvue 60fps FullHD in the main whip (good camera, but can't manually save clips since there's no screen/buttons - resolution/clarity is the best we've had though) and in the other car we've got one with GPS speed readout, and have already used it/given footage to Police when the angry road ragey Karen sideswiped (and wrote off) my Vitz RS last year.

    I've got a metric shitton of dashcam footage to upload to my bad driving YouTube page (people blowing stop signs, red lights, speeding and other bad/illegal driving) but it's very time consuming, and with bubs growing up so fast obviously i don't get much time to upload stuff.

    Either way, here's footage from some of our past cameras - can't tell which is which though sorry. Also, some of my clips on this page (red light runners) have been shown on nationwide TV channels (6pm news and a current affairs show), which should have been encouragement enough to get more footage online, but oh well. (ignore the sometimes weird written commentary in some clips, i probably won't bother doing that in future vids).
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    It's pretty interesting to see that some new cars offer a dashcam as an accessory option.

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