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Thread: HeSuVi: a bit of a game changer in spatial audio for headphone users

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    HeSuVi: a bit of a game changer in spatial audio for headphone users

    Just wanna put this PSA out there. If you use headphones as your primary audio device on a PC you might be interested in checking this out.

    HeSuVi is a free audio program that takes surround sound source audio and spatialises it (creates surround sound effect) for any pair of headphones. You might have heard of Dolby Atmos or DTS Headphone X which you have to pay for, or get a licence for depending on if your headphones include such a thing. HeSuVi does this but you don't have to pay a cent.

    Here's a setup video. If you choose to use this program you'll need to download a few separate programs to get it running, links are reproduced below, but it's really quick and easy.

    Equalizer APO -
    HeSuVi -

    Furthermore, it's also able to perform better than software programs from certain manufacturers that have built-in and unfixed quality issues. The main reason I am talking about it right now is that I have a pair of Logitech G Pro X headphones which rely on the G Hub software and included DTS licence to generate the spatial audio effects, and the sound quality with it activated is terrible. These were the top-of-the-line headphones in the Logitech range, they normally sound fantastic, and I thought this issue was apparently fixed in the G Pro X V2 headphones.

    I considered getting a refund and paying the extra for the newer model, but it turns out it has not been fixed at all and I would be wasting my money. A quick perusal of the problem on Reddit led me to this program. Now I can use my headphones with spatial audio and enjoy surround sound in my games and films again!

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    Thanks Mick.

    Fast, easy and it doesn't seem to be using too many resources.

    A bit throaty on the bass, but that, I feel, is par for the course with earphone virtualizers.

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