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Thread: What are we drinking?

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    I was wise-assing my way into billi's ramblings using the last supper as the vehicle... but i got to say... dipping bread in wine is a great way to get drunk.

    Thanks Jesus!

    Though I'm sure Blerps will barge in shouting that it was Sicilians and not the Levantines who invented it.

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    Tried a new California-made Aquavit. Wasn't bad, but too much carraway. One might say they got carried away with the carraway.

    Had a bottle of Justin Vineyards Isosceles which is always a good cabernet and tried some Trocken Riesling, which was nice.

    Picked up the three allotments of fancy beer from Alesmith that I hadn't made it down to San Diego for, so we've got all sorts of barrel aged goodness waiting to be cracked open, then Michele and I shared a Fremont Dark Star.

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    My wife had a habit of choosing bottles of beer to buy, and then never getting around to feel like drinking them.

    So I recently finished up a few of them.

    The most interesting was Zywiec from Poland. Now if you read about beer, the consensus it is safe to drink after it has gone bad.

    So I opened the bottle and poured it into a glass. It was somewhat lifeless, and surprisingly more of a copper-colour than a lager gold. In taste it was somewhat like some British bitters too.

    I later bought a brand-new can and a bottle, and they were both the golden European lager you would expect.

    Someone else from my Zoom pub, dating back to pandemic days, who is British like I am, mused about what this all says about British beers.

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