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    Thanks, man. I'll definitely appreciate any suggestions you may have, even if the kids are 9-10yo so it's not like they are Giannis or Jordan.

    I have a few weeks of experience shooting with the 5D3 and I've since watched a few videos on how to shoot basketball and I only really take action shots. The main thing I anticipate getting over the 5D3 is far more keepers and better shots e.g. ball-in-hand and more usable and "fun" shots of, uh, players shooting and passing.

    My current plan, on which I welcome comments, is AI Servo, Mode 3 AF (the one with a football stick man), zone AF the mainly landscape mode, eye detection off, the Youtube BYU Photo setup for basketball (AF-ON for Spot Focusing [Large point?] and * for Face Tracking), then spray and pray at 12fps. Landscape only photos for now. There were some 0, 0, 1(?) settings on forums I think but I haven't found them again although I'm sure I could at some point.
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