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Thread: Tools.

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    For the BMW yeah. It has been useful for some BMW-specific things for sure. I don't like that it's a $60-70 annual subscription on top of the cost of the data link dongle.

    For other cars I either use my $20 basic wired reader for fast code-getting, or if I want live data I use one of the cheap wireless dongles (this one) and the Torque app (free). No issues so far with it though I don't use it often.

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    Now that I've had them for a while, I have to recommend the HF 5-drawer tool cart. I bought one for the garage and one for the basement, both under $200 with sales and coupons, and both are comically overloaded. They aren't breaking a sweat though, which is more than I can say for the second-hand craftsman box I used to have. The one in the garage is a temporary measure until Project Garage is finished and I can get a proper tool chest out there, but I'm still going to keep it for small parts storage, and as a rolling work surface, which it's great for.

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    I've never ever been to Harbor Freight stores prior to RVing. They really do sell some cheap and good stuffs! From inverter generator to weight distribution hitch... I don't really like their short warranties, but at least their cheap products endured for 2~3 years now!

    I don't really have a lot of tools and my RV is pretty much my tool box right. My garage is also currently a mess still half filled with moving boxes from CA and the other half converted into a fake green house with artificial lights to keep wife's succulents alive... Anyway, once I have my garage sorted out, I think I will definitely buy this tool box you recommended. Of course, will wait for it to go on sale too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam View Post
    Lori just bought me one of these. It was on sale, 20% off.

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    Did you make use of it?

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    Not a garage tool per se, but I will be using it in the garage for a time:


    Hopefully I can get the garage cleaned out this weekend and set it up, check angles, etc.

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    ^ Ooh, that looks really nice.

    Tell us more after you've used it.

    I like that nice long guide on the right. And wheels! I'd have to find stuff to cut just to enjoy wheeling that thing out of the garage instead of carrying it.

    My father gave me his old table saw years ago when my parents downsized and it was just taking up room in his garage. It has been taking up space in mine ever since, under a drop cloth. It works, but the guide isn't as good as it could be for long, straight (parallel) cuts.

    Quote Originally Posted by George in 2017
    I need a push over the cliff, I think.

    My father gave me his table saw a few years ago. At the time we were building a workbench in the garage and a couple other projects around the house, so it was handy, and he wanted it out of his garage because it was taking up too much room.

    Well, guess what's on my mind lately? Yup.

    I haven't used it in probably three years, and maybe more. I need to get rid of it, don't I?
    I've thought of getting rid of it many times. I can always rent one at Home Depot a few miles away. But, then I wouldn't have it when the zombie climate change apocalypse comes.
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