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    That's why the pick up and dump caught me by surprise I'm going to pass through...Oh no I'm not.
    Definitely one to remember for an official session
    Maybe we should try it out one day, that way we won't be raging at each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yobbo NZ View Post
    What I ment, but didn't say, normally cars are ghosted in road pits. Wondering if it's a thing in oval where they're not ghosted?
    I even read you can be protested successfully driving in the pit boxes to get to yours.
    In iRacing you can be protested in any category if you drive the most internal pit lane, actually, even in Road.
    No one actually reports that, but it is, theoretically, not legit.
    Mainly in ovals you should always go to the fast lane (where there is no ghosting), enter your pit stall, then out again in the fast lane as quick as possible.

    You can be protested if you cut the pit entrance road too.
    Like in Daytona Roval: if you get at the left of the apron and cut a lot towards the left walls to travel the shortest distance to the pit entrance... you can be protested.
    You *should* stay between the yellow lines all the time.
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    Not my day for racing. Start Bathurst 12H. Get punted from behind by a lapped car. Team blames and harasses me. Get punted again in the same place by a lapped car a little while later. Race IMSA Vintage in Audi. Get beat up by stupid Nissan drivers making stupid decisions. Get drive-through for too many incidents.

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