We've all been there. I had a GT3 that was hard to pass yesterday in that race. They must have a combo of excellent knowledge of the track, heaps of confidence, and a good setup, that we mere mortals do not possess.

Now, I've just done a 1hr Monza race. Literally my first race on the track in iRacing. I did a praccy sesh, cobbled together a setup, and turned myself loose on the track. I started 10th and finished 8th. I would have been 6th, but I was on fumes for the last two laps and cruised around giving up those two places. My fastest lap time was a 1:45.779. I gained plenty of IR but lost 4 SR because I had one OT exiting Lesmo 2 and had to cut the turn 1 chicane on lap 2 to avoid a spun Ferrari, grazing his rear bumper in the process.

The highlight, however, was lap 1. An LMP1 decided to start from the pits and.. yeah.

There's no sound for this video because I had my audio output set to headphones. HOWEVER, you can watch a version with sound if you click on this link and watch my Twitch stream of the race from the 1h 3m mark and then drop a follow etc etc nudge nudge wink wink