Here's a treat before we begin the 2014 Endurance Series...

So, a few of us have been wanting to do a Hillclimb event at ESR forever. However, many Hillclimb courses made for rFactor, while pretty and fun to drive, are clearly made just for single player fun, and are glitchy as all hell. Duryea though, is the exception. With Sherman Baumann on our roster, we can confirm the course is really quite accurate to real life. It looks good, it's fun as hell to drive, and most importantly, it's almost entirely free of glitches. So we're gonna give this a go!

- The event will be held Sunday, March 9th, and will follow a similar format to the real life Hillclimb--we will have a maximum field of 40 cars, and the admin will clear each driver to start their run, roughly 10-15 seconds apart. Cars will queue up at the start line, a car length or so between, and wait for the go-ahead.

- Much like our Targa Florio event a couple years ago, this will be held under a Qualifying session on the server. The one hour Practice session starting at 8:30 will set the running order, that way fastest cars start first. Each driver will be permitted FIVE timed runs. This includes going off or wrecking, just like real life!!

- In rare cases, the track will miss the car going over the finish line and not count the lap correctly. In testing, this only happened once out of 20+ laps between six drivers, so it's rare. In that situation, the driver just needs to let the admin know, and one more lap will be granted.

- We'll be utilizing the Historic GT & Touring Car Mod (NEW version 1.96!!!), with two separate classes: GTTC A1 and GTTC A0 cars. See the Car Classification thread for available models. No skins, no patches, no nothing, just straightforward stock stuff so Invitational drivers will be able to join up relatively easy.

- Register in the Driver Classification thread! Please include the car number so we avoid duplicates.