Rob introduced me to this wonderful little app.

Google Play store

You basically check in whatever you're currently drinking and rate it. You can also get recommendations based on what you liked, see reviews from other users, and you can even use it to find certain beers near to your location. Though the "find beer" option's effectiveness is going to vary greatly depending on where you are. In NYC in February it was truly amazing and I went to several bars on the strength of what they had available. Here in London not so useful.
The beer list is simply insane, I've yet to find anything that isn't already on there (it's even broken down by year for some of the seasonals).

It does also offer "Badges" which are similar to achievements. You drink a certain number of a style of beer, at a certain time etc you get a badge. You can compare these with friends and while these are fun I'm not sure rampant alcoholism is to be rewarded. But they are pretty cool.

Give it a try people. Then hit me up; I'm on there as MrWonder