It's a car forum, it needs a GT86/86/BRZ/FRS/FT86 thread

My last post in the other place was that I'd finally managed to take the new suspension for a drive and it's awesome. Really awesome. It's my first time for one of my cars that I've got away from 'mainstream' suspension and into the smaller, real specialist stuff and I can say the difference in quality is really pronounced. But since I'm heading back to Japan in a couple of days I'll have to wait another three months before I come back to aus and put some decent rubber on it.

In other news they released the sales figures for 2013 for Australia, 86 had 6706 sales and BRZ 1411 giving a total of 8177 for the twins. Now keep in mind that Australia has 1/15th the population of the US you'll get a picture of how massively popular it has been here and it makes Australia the third largest market for these cars in the world (after Japan and the US). If it was a car brand it would have outsold both Volvo and Peugeot.