Oh yeah, we don't bother with those pesky pedestrian requirements.

Joking aside, it is horrifying how tall the front of a bunch of American trucks/SUVs have gotten. Our XC90 is not a small car by any stretch and I'm pretty tall, and often I'll pull up next to a new Ford/Chevy/Dodge truck and the top of the hood is above my head. Now you've got things like an Escalade that has such a high hood that you can have something like 25 kids lined up sitting on the ground in front of it and you can't see a single one of them, with visibility so bad that they have to have a front-facing camera on it. That and if you get hit by one of them, you tend to get knocked down and pulled under the truck instead of going up on the hood, so they're massively more deadly if you do get hit by the person who couldn't see you in the first place.

But, ain't no government gonna mess with our truck drivin' peoples.