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    Tried flying into hurricane Laura. Was unable to navigate to the eye, but got some fun pictures out of it.

    Just reaching the storm after taking off from Bush airport in Houston

    Starting to see something vaguely upsetting

    In the storm, castles of clouds all around

    Was fun trying to find gaps in the clouds to fly through

    Some sun after I accidentally found my way out of the storm and figured out how to turn the interior floodlights on

    It seemed pretty quiet, turns out I was too high. I spotted an airport on the nav screen and thought I'd try to land at it, and once I descended into the lower clouds got slammed with rain and knocked all over the place. Did eventually land, but I'm not sure I wouldn't have broken an actual plane, came down really hard with basically no visibility until about 50 feet off the ground.

    One thing I'm hoping they sort out was the clouds would update about once a second, and often were changing shape so much that as you got close that it would be pretty jarring as they moved. I'm assuming at some point they can interpolate between each update and make it a smooth transition. As it is, it's kinda like the clouds are very purposefully walking towards you/stomping around.

    Still looked cool as hell, though.
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