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Thread: How do we not have an Android phone thread yet?

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    Yeah, that I understand.

    Folding phone then!

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    The upgraded version of my tablet (4/64 GB vs 3/32) is on sale for $80, $20 less than I paid for mine, on the Lenovo website.

    I just ordered it, and will see if I can return or regift mine. The extra RAM should be nice and maybe keep apps from closing in the background so aggressively, and the extra 32 GB should let me put a whole photoshoot on the internal storage, then edit it and then back it up to the SD card, instead of relying on the SD card for almost everything.

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    I now have a Pixel 8 Pro.

    The $200 off sale, a $100 coupon, and $280 trade-in credit on my base model Pixel 7 got me to make the upgrade, but I can't say I'd recommend others do the same without the same incentives.

    The camera is better at low light photography, it seems a bit faster in games, and the battery life is noticeably better. Other than that, it's the same Pixel experience I'm used to. It's bigger than I consider ideal, but not wildly so.

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