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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicknose View Post
    No need to forgive if they have done nothing wrong.
    Its extreme religious types that want to guilt people.
    I'm the extreme religious type, but I do not propose we guilt and shame people.

    Swervo is definitely not the extreme religious type, but even secularists like him can be for shaming people. He thinks I should absolutely be ashamed of myself. Of course I disagree. I wasn't trying to compare LGBTQ folks to mass murderers or arsonists. Just saying that if such stupid things, including suicides, could become 'contagious' across country, what made him so sure that these gender issues won't be? Especially for those young impressionable minds who are just beginning to understand human sexuality.

    Some wants to ban LGBTQ books as porn... Some wants to ban the Bible for it's hateful and bogus stories...

    Good thing we currently still have a free country.

    Bad thing about politics is that I often seen the conservatives scream about freedom of speech until it's about speech that they don't like. Similarly the liberals chants pro-choice, but have no problems with other life saving government mandates such as masks and vaccines and climate change...

    BTW, I wish to clarify my following comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazed_Insanity View Post
    I think nowadays, we have way too many unnecessary suicides. We need to help kids deal with all of those pressures from the outside. Best way to deal with that is to provide a loving home. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to raise my daughter right…
    If my daughter were to become a member of the LGBTQ community, I still wouldn't think that I raised her wrong in any way. As long as she's a loving person, I'd consider that as success!

    My understanding of the bible is that although homosexuality is a sin, but love can cover multitude of sins. Without love, even heterosexual acts can be sinful.
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