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Thread: Politics

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    Nina Turner's lead is shrinking according to the new polls. Anti-establishment candidates really need to control their anger and not have negative ads. Just show voters what you're going to do... don't show that your anti anything. Only thing politically correct to be angry against are white males I think. Everything else we gotta tread carefully...

    I predict come actual election, Nina Turner will finish 4th or last in her race just like Andrew Yang. These russian assets can only lead in fake polls.

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    Trump was mildly amusing in WW84, when he was making people ask all those wishes in his name.

    Not the jerk who is making the attendees to his rallies boo the US Women's National Team (soccer). You don't boo the national team at a finals tournament, you clown. Elimination rounds? sure. it's part of the exigency.

    When will this idiot learn some fútbol etiquette?

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