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Thread: Did we never make a motorcycle thread?

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    Get a bike to ride around NZ!

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    Fuck I know man. That thought went though my mind.

    I have a good mate here on the Goldy who owns a Tuono in LA, and its an open offer to fly over there and borrow it as long as you pay for tyres and maintenance.

    Id be totally open to that offer but for the absolute shitfire of a situation those selfish cunts have made for themselves (our friends notwithstanding).

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    Jan 2014
    I sold the Super Duke today

    It was a lot of fun, but with how little I ride it, how relatively boring (and dangerous) it is to ride around here in South Florida, a big move to Texas next month, and getting a new car, I had plenty of motivation to let it go.

    But I'll miss it.

    (Too bad you're on the other side of the world, RWA. I'd have given you a good deal )

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