Since various other Z projects are in a holding pattern, I mock installed a JDM corner lens today.

I'm not actually sure which I like better. I'm not into JDM just because JDM, so I have to think about this one. The US corners look decent on Sapphire Blue I think.

The orange in the JDM lens gets hidden as you move around to the side of the car. That's kind of cool.

I'd lose side running lights with the JDM conversion. Turn signals will still work and light up orange, because the JDM housing has a big orange cover for the clear bulb. The US housing has no such cover, but uses an orange bulb.



I also drove the maroon Z around yesterday. Suspension clunks at low speed over bumps, especially while turning. I think I know why. When putting the stock coilovers and sway bar back in, I tightened all nuts and bolts with the suspension at full droop. I'm going to have to spend a day fixing that... with the car at stock height, I can probably use Rhino ramps now.

Maroon car also feels hilariously fast somehow. I think it's the shorter tires. Or maybe the glorious sound from the rusted mufflers. [Seriously, it's perfect]